UNESCO’S World Heritage Listed cities

Town planning in historical cities is the first step for the preservation of urban or architectural heritage. Our firm, AUC, or its members individually has taken part in the preservation plans of more than fifty historical centers in cities of Asia, South and Central America and Europe. Of all these cities, 25 of them are included in UNESCO’S World Heritage List.

Bolivia: Potosí, Jesuitical Missions of Chiquitos, Sucre. China: Xi’an. Colombia: Cartagena de Indias, Mompox Cuba: Havana and fortifications
Ecuador: Quito, Cuenca. Spain: Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez, Cuenca, La Laguna. United States: San Juan de Puerto Rico. Guatemala: Antigua, Tikal
Mexico: Oaxaca, Tlacotalpan, Campeche, Golfo de California. Nicaragua: León. Perú: Cuzco, Lima, Arequipa. Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo. Turkey: Göreme (Capadocia)

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