The next step after drawing up the town planning phase is intervention in the physical fabric of cities: its buildings. Some of them can have an outstanding value and can also be listed by UNESCO, but must of them are anonymous buildings whose main value is as a whole to make up the cityscape.

  • San Bento Church. Joao Pessoa Brazil
  • Caribbean Naval Museum. Cartagena de Indias. Colombia
  • San Francisco Church. Popayán. Colombia
  • San Francisco Church and Convent. Havanna.
  • Piramid nº1 "Gran Jaguar". Tikal. Guatemala
  • Tecpan Church. Guatemala
  • Jesuit Compound in Antigua. Guatemala
  • Sutiava Church. León. Nicaragua
  • Jesuitic Missions. Paraguay
  • San Marcos University. Lima. Perú
  • La Merced Church and Convent. Cuzco. Perú