Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Cooperación, SL, was set up in 1996 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the fields of Town Planning, Cooperation for Development and Architecture, as its Spanish name shows. Based in Madrid, Spain, its managing directors and main consultants are Rafael Fontes and M. Luisa Cerrillos.

The company was established with a primary objective: to use the wide experience of its founding members in a common endeavor, capable of offering technically superior answers to an increasing range of problems present in the sphere city managing and planning, with special attention to those with historic or heritage value. As a result, the company has taken part in highly significant plans and projects. Given the professional backgrounds of the team members, the foremost activity focus is on historical centers, in the form of revitalization interventions or rehabilitation planning and managing in cities, as well as restoration and new construction.

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    Sanchinarro (Madrid)
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    Hotel in Canary Islands
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    Puentenansa (Cantabria)
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    AUC on the newspaper
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    Dapeng (China)
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    Dapeng (China)
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    La Laguna (Canary Islands)
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    El Espinar (Segovia)
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    Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain)
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    Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain)
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    Camijanes (Cantabria)
  • 13
    La Laguna (Canary Islands)
  • 14
    El Espinar (Segovia)
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    La Adrada (Ávila)
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    Potosí (Bolivia)
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    Infantes (Ciudad Real)
  • 18
    Capadocia (Turkey)
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    Arucas (Canary Islands)