February 2014

The Town Planning Magazine PLANUR-e, has published an article written by Rafael Fontes on our Project in Santo Domingo

December 2013

In the bidding competition for Lalibela in Ethiopia for which we had been shortlisted among 5 other teams (4 European and one local) we have come out first in the Technical proposal. We hope we’ll be as lucky in the Financial Proposal.

Ciudad Colonial de Santo Domingo
October 2013

We have entered another IDB EoI competition for the design of public space in Santo Domingo. In 2000 we did the Study of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, so we think we have chances this time.

July 2013

We have finished our project in Santo Domingo. Rafael Fontes and Giammattia Bassanello have been living there all the time, since last December. The tender for the works of the first phase has already taken place. Even though we couldn’t manage to get the supervision contract, we hope that everything goes well for the Ministry of Tourism

September 2012

We are entering an expression of interest phase in a IDB Heritage management competition in Ecuador. We think the chances are real, because we have a good knowledge of the country because we drew up the Heritage Master Plans in Quito and Cuenca, and we are entering the competition in association with one of the best architectural practices in Ecuador: Guido Díaz.

Castro Caldelas (Galicia)
August 2012

At last! After more than a year since we delivered the document, the Heritage Protection Plan of Castro Caldelas (Galicia) has been initially aproved. We will be at the City Hall informing the public during the two months public consultation process.

Here’s the link if someone wants to peruse the Plan’s documents:
Click for big picture